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 Vascular Elite Pump: If you looking for a stimulant free pre workout, Vascular has you covered. Vascular is a pump only supplement meant to stimulate increased blood and oxygen flow to working muscles during exercise. The components responsible for this impressive pumped up feeling are called L-Citrulline, and Sodium Nitrate. These chemicals expand your blood vessels in the muscle and create nitric oxide that promotes vasodilation and the “pump”. - Insane pumps - May lower blood pressure - Mat decrease muscle soreness - Boosts exercise performance - Could help treat some cases of erectile dysfunction - Can aid in better nutrient delivery to the muscles - Helps with muscle expansion

Maximize N.O. production - Train harder and challenge yourself with our concentrated formula, stim- free fuel for superior performance with NO JITTERS. Fully dosed to support pumps, endurance and natural energy. 


L-citrulline -a natural occurring supplement found in fruits to promote energy creation for your cells -  opens up veins and arteries to improve blood flow and reduces blood pressure, this helps increase the amount of nutrients and oxygen to working muscle - improves muscle protein synthesis and muscle mass - enhances pump - promotes faster recovery - feel focused and sharp without caffeine 


Hydroprime - a form of glycerol - enhances pumps, enhances athletic performance, increases hydration, regulates body temperature - Clumps = Pumps.  This ingredient is so potent that it draws water into the powder just as it will draw water and blood into your muscles.  The consistency of the Powder will be clumpy.


L-arginine - a precursor for nitric oxide - aids in the delivery of nutrients  


Taurine - reduces fatigue and muscle damage during a workout - causes muscles to work harder and longer - increases your body's use of fat for fuel

Beet root powder - a nutrient dense food rich in nutrients and nitrate - nitrate converts into nitric oxide when consumed - nitric oxide enhances pump, focus and endurance



Recommended to take 1 scoop 30-45 min before workout. Do not exceed more than 2 scoops in 24hrs.

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Customer Reviews

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Even Gibbons
Solid Pump

Love this is addition to my Transcendence. Great pump agent. Been researching supps and ingredients for years (Big gym nerd). Straight Citrulline and Even Arginine are fire... but the main pump source is that Glycerol powder (HydroPrime). Nutty Pump!

Reese Davenport

Tried this pump at the VDN Meetup in Florida and this stuff gave me a crazy pump! My veins were POPPIN!! The taste was amazing on top of the insane formula! I highly recommend trying it🔥